Competition details are:

BKF Four Nations Championship 2023 Bulletin attached

Thank you kindly,

Raj Bhardwaj, 4th Dan

Head of Association, Hei Jo Shin (Dojo of Tranquility)

BKF Tournament Organiser

Diamond Dojo, 223 Gloucester Crescent, Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 4YH

Tel: +44 (0) 7769 697858                       |                      e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.               |                      Skype: rajknowitall                      |                      |               


Happy International Women's Day!

 The SKGB would like to wish our members a happy International Women's Day. Congratulations and thank you to every woman and girl who has started karate this year, continued to improve their karate, dedicated their time to coaching in communities across Scotland, gained qualifications as coaches or officials, or taken part in competitions at home and abroad. We have a wealth of talented women and girls in Scottish karate who continue to inspire women, men, girls and boys alike - thank you! 


Best wishes,

Chloe Maclean

Director of women and girls interests

The Scottish Karate Governing Body Limited completes UK Anti-Doping Assurance Framework.


The Scottish Karate Governing Body is delighted to announce its completion of the Assurance Framework, which National Governing Bodies (NGBs) must fulfil to certify to UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) that they are meeting their anti-doping responsibilities.


Please see attached press release.

Scottish Karate Governing Body Ltd 

UK Anti-Doping summary of activities 2022- 23


This resource is in support of UKAD Assurance Framework. It outlines a summary of activities carried out by The Scottish Karate Governing Body Limited in the year 2022 -23 as part of its ongoing promotion of Clean Sport within Scottish Karate.

The Scottish Karate Governing Body Limited is opposed to the use of performance enhancing drugs and doping practises in Traditional and Sport Karate and fully supports the positions of the International Olympic Committee, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and UK Anti-doping against the use of banned substances.

Clean Sport Education Strategy and implementation Plan

2023 will see the introduction of a new anti-Doping and education strategy for Scottish Karate.

Our mission from 2023 – 2027

Is to establish Scottish karate as a clean sport.

Our education strategy

We will be able to target all elite athletes and SKGB coaches (in excess of 200) over the next 2 year period with our education program and have in place 3 Anti-Doping educators and a lead officer to deliver our strategy.

UKAD compliance and review 2022/2023

Over the last year the SKGB have achieved the following to assist us in implementation of our strategy and education plan.

  • Complied and Implemented UKAD 24-point framework
  • Appointed lead Anti-Doping contact (Mr James Miller)
  • Appointed Anti-Doping officer (Professor Adriano Rossi)
  • Circulated WADA 2023 list to SKGB members
  • Education implementation strategy and plan in place
  • Agreed to organise seminars with elite athletes at national squad training in 2023
  • Agreed to educate over 200 SKGB coaches onto the UKAD coach program over the next 2 years.
  • Will circulate our strategy and plan to all stakeholders and post on the SKGB website.
  • Implement our plan into the SKGB 1- and 4-Year plan relating to 2023/2027
  • Updated the SKGB website to include a section only for UKAD
  • Inserted UKAD logo onto the SKGB website giving direct access to the UKAD website
  • Looking to establish three Anti-Doping educators.
  • Worked with Sportscotland and UKAD on compliance.



The Referees Commission have organised courses for officials in particular new officials, to this we have arranged a course for new officials on

Sunday 19th February 2023

East Whitburn Community Centre

Hens Nest Road

East Whitburn

West Lothian


 10.00hrs to 12.00hrs 

This will be a presentation with no exams, no pressure on anyone just to talk through the role of the official and the change in the rules. 

 We are trying not to overload people and to encourage them to come on board.

 Should anyone require any additional information can they please contact myself on the email below or on 07967-935743

 This course will be followed by a course for experienced officials in the same venue from 1200hrs same date

Stuart Robertson

SKGB Referee Commission Secretary

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WKF Guardian Girls Project

In the autumn of 2022 the Japanese Government, gravely concerned over the rise in attacks on females, not only in Japan, but also worldwide, embarked on a mission to raise awareness and help more females learn how to protect themselves in the face of increasing violence.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry, tasked with delivering this initiative, approached the World Karate Federation with a view developing a female focused self-defence programme empowering females against gender-based attacks. 

This global project has been named Guardian Girls whose aims are to inspire females to defend themselves with Counter Measure Karate training through a series of seminars and demonstrations conducted at all WKF major tournaments in 2023.

Scotland are delighted to announce that the WKF have approached Amy Connell to launch the inaugural WKF Guardian Girls project in Egypt at the Cairo K1 Championships at the end of this month. 

Amy has had her draft programme approved by the WKF and will head to their Madrid HQ on Wednesday to finalise details.


Amy is an Olympic Team GB member, 7 x British Champion, 4 x WKF European Medallist and current Commonwealth Champion.

It is indeed a great honour for Amy, Scottish Karate and indeed British Karate, for her to be selected by the WKF to launch the Guardian Girls project, given the huge pool of talent the WKF have available to choose from.

I am sure you will join us in congratulating Amy and wishing her well with her involvement in the launch of the project.

The World Anti-Doping Code international standard Prohibited List 2023 & TUE Communications


To assist the SKGB in meeting UKAD Assurance Framework requirement (that Athletes and Athlete Support Personnel on the SKGB’s performance pathway are advised annually of the changes to the Prohibited List),


The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has published the 2023 Prohibited List (attached ) and a summary of key changes can be found here.



Due to us now running the Grand Prix events the SKGB will host its 2022 National Championships as an elite event this year on December 18th 2022 at the Ravenscraig regional sports facility, Motherwell.

This year will see us use WKF categories for 14yrs and above and will be used as a potential selection event for European & World Championships.

All SKGB members 14yrs and over are invited to attend.

Please see bulletin attached, all entries should be made via sportdata by your club/federation coach.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the 18th December.

Open to SKGB members ONLY.


The SKGB Performance team are pleased to announce the following athletes have been selected for the Under 21 EKF Championships in Cyprus February 2023 & The EKF Senior European Championships in Spain March 2023.

Under 21:

  • Keri Robertshaw - Female Cadet -54kg
  • Elize Bauld - Female Cadet -61kg
  • Eve Watt - Female Cadet +61kg
  • Gabrielle Clarkson - Female Junior -59kg
  • Shanelle Gordon - Female Junior -66kg
  • Dana Purves - Female U21 -61kg
  • Holly Buchanan - Female U21 -68kg
  • Neve Ewing - Female U21 +68kg
  • Joe Gallagher - Male Cadet -52kg
  • Finlay Mclymont - Male Cadet -57kg
  • Benjamin Packwood - Male Cadet -63kg
  • Loukas Harrison - Male Cadet -70kg
  • Adam Hamill - Male Junior -55kg
  • Daniel Lyons - Male Junior -61kg
  • Lewis Bryson - Male Junior -68kg
  • Scott Anderson - Male Junior -76kg
  • Harry Gilfillan - Male Junior +76kg
  • Jacob Smart - Male U21 -67kg
  • Ben Woods - Male U21 -75kg
  • Sam Livingstone - Male U21 -84kg
  • Joey Cochrane - Male U21 +84kg


  • Amy Connell  - Female -55kg
  • Carly McNab - Female -61kg
  • Niamh Junner - Female +68kg
  • Adam Hamill - Male -60kg
  • Dylan Rush - Male -67kg
  • Ben Woods - Male -75kg
  • Greg Anderson - Male +84kg

Female Team:

  • Neve Ewing, Niamh Junner, Carly McNab

Male Team:

  • Greg Anderson, Ben Woods, Joey Cochrane, Dylan Rush, Adam Hamill

Congratulations on your selection.

To all athletes that applied and have not been selected, we thankyou for your application and hope to see you continue with squad training and apply again in the future.

Best Regards

Paul Giannandrea

SKGB Chairman

SKGB Performance Team

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