The SKGB are pleased to announce our first National Para Kata Squad training session which will take place on Sunday 19th June at the SKGB training venue, Main Street, Throsk, Stirling, FK7 7NA.

The session will be from 10.30 - 11.30am and cost £10.00.

Please select the appropriate fee from the drop down menu.





Please click here to register and pay to attend this session.



Best Regards

Paul Giannandrea

SKGB Chairman

Tel: 07850 757524


SKGB Performance Team




The SKGB Performance Team would like to invite all interested athletes to apply for selection to attend the forthcoming championships.


  • Commonwealth Elite Karate Championships, Birmingham England, September 7th - 8th 2022.
  • WKF Under 21yrs World Karate Championships, Konya Turkey, October 26th - 30th 2022.


Please use the links below to register your interest. Closing date for all registrations is June 22nd.

We will be in touch shortly after the deadline date with further information.

Please click here to complete your registration to be considered for selection to attend the Commonwealth Elite Karate Championships.


Please click here to complete your registration to be considered for selection to attend the WKF Under 21yrs World Karate Championships.


Best Regards

Paul Giannandrea

SKGB Chairman

Tel: 07850 757524 

SKGB Performance Team


 Dear President and country representatives:


Please find attached the updated bulletins for the CKF Championship (national team) and Club Championships (open). 


It would be of great help if you could reply at your earliest convenience to state your intention to attend the event so that the organizing committee can prepare accordingly. 

It would also be helpful if you could provide an early estimate of athletes and coaches for the CKF (national team) Championship as well as referees that may attend. 



Please note the following items that are outlined in the bulletins:


The Elite championship is restricted to two national team athletes per division. 
The Club Championship is an open event. 


** All participants in either event must be members of the WKF recognized National Federation of the country they wish to represent. 


Permanent residents of member federations may participate. 


 Protocol reminder:


CKF Championship: No flags carried by athletes on the podium, national team outfits required for medal presentation (track suits/jackets)

CKF Club Championship: No flags as above, no national team colours. This is a club based and/or open event. 


 WKF and Continental level officials are invited to the Championship and Club event. 

National A referees may participate in the Club Championships

*Please contact Dale Gamble for questions as per the bulletin and to state your intentions to attend.

  Visa applications:

 Please see the applicable area and contact information in the bulletins

 This is an important event and marks the return to sport for the CKF. Please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate person in the bulletin with any questions. I am also at your service. 

 I look forward to seeing you in September in Birmingham!


Access to register and pay for our National Squad Training Sessions for April are in the links below.


SKGB Squad training is open to all SKGB members, and we would really appreciate your support by cascading this to all interested students.


Please click either of the links below to Register and Pay for either Kata Squad Training or Kumite Squad Training.


We look forward to seeing everyone.


Click Here for Kata Squad Training on April 10th at SKGB training venue in Throsk, Stirling, FK7 7NA. 


Click Here for Kumite Squad Training on April 24th at the SKGB training venue in Throsk, Stirling FK7 7NA.


Please Note: You will only be able to attend if you have applied online.


Please cascade to all members.


Best Regards

SKGB Performance Team

The SKGB in support of the current situation in the Ukraine will cease sporting relations with Russia, meaning that we will not participate in any matches where Russia are involved.

We cannot condone the actions of the Russian Government and feel we must support the Ukraine during this devastating time.

This is a matter of principle, and we support all other organisations who have acted similarly from within the sporting community and beyond.


SKGB Board of Directors

SKGB National Team Selection

Senior Europeans May 2022

Under 21/Junior/Cadet Europeans June 2022

Dear All,

Many thanks to everyone that applied for selection for the championships. It is very positive for us to see such a great input from you all, thanks again.

 Please see the selected athletes attached.

 We look forward to working towards these events with the athletes selected and continuing to work with all other athletes attending National Squad Training.

 Congratulations to all selected athletes.

 Best Regards

SKGB Performance Team

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