WKF Guardian Girls Project

In the autumn of 2022 the Japanese Government, gravely concerned over the rise in attacks on females, not only in Japan, but also worldwide, embarked on a mission to raise awareness and help more females learn how to protect themselves in the face of increasing violence.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry, tasked with delivering this initiative, approached the World Karate Federation with a view developing a female focused self-defence programme empowering females against gender-based attacks. 

This global project has been named Guardian Girls whose aims are to inspire females to defend themselves with Counter Measure Karate training through a series of seminars and demonstrations conducted at all WKF major tournaments in 2023.

Scotland are delighted to announce that the WKF have approached Amy Connell to launch the inaugural WKF Guardian Girls project in Egypt at the Cairo K1 Championships at the end of this month. 

Amy has had her draft programme approved by the WKF and will head to their Madrid HQ on Wednesday to finalise details.


Amy is an Olympic Team GB member, 7 x British Champion, 4 x WKF European Medallist and current Commonwealth Champion.

It is indeed a great honour for Amy, Scottish Karate and indeed British Karate, for her to be selected by the WKF to launch the Guardian Girls project, given the huge pool of talent the WKF have available to choose from.

I am sure you will join us in congratulating Amy and wishing her well with her involvement in the launch of the project.

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