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29th September 2007

Dear Members.

We have been advised that participating in the BKF Championships this year could be interpreted as a contravention of the WKF statutes. This situation is unique in world karate as the BKF is the official body of all four nations and for one nation to fall foul of the WKF could lead to a blanket ban on us all.  The BKF has no option but to act on this advice from the WKF, in view of the fact that in 2006 all four nations were within 48 hours of expulsion from the WKF.

It has therefore been decided, with deep regret, and in agreement with all four nation representatives and our tournament organiser, that the Championships be cancelled this year

We have, up until the last possible moment, tried to avert this situation, but the risks are too high.  All of us are deeply saddened by this turn of events.

I personally apologise to all competitors, officials, coaches, families and Elite Promotion and British karate as a whole for all the disruption and upset caused.                                                                                                                                


Terry Connell BKF President    

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Event 1- Boys/Girls kata under 10yrs all grades

 1st Max Penman      JKA Scotland
 2nd John McNicol      JKA Scotland
 3rd Ross Clark      JKA Scotland
 3rd William Renton      JKA Scotland

Event 2 – Boys/Girls kata 10 – 16yrs 10 – 4th kyu

 1st Nyssa Farmer      JKA Scotland
 2nd Helen Daglish      JKA Scotland
 3rd Joshua Ewen      JKA Scotland
 3rd Cheryl Cathcart      JKA Scotland

Event 3 – Boys/Girls kata 10 – 16yrs 3rd kyu and above

 1st Sarah Fairley      JKA Scotland
 2nd Blair Stryke      JKA Scotland
 3rd Chris Skipsey      JKA Scotland
 3rd Ben Mitchell      JKA Scotland

Event 4 – Ladies kata over 16yrs 10 – 4th kyu

 1st Brenda Wills      JKA Scotland
 2nd Kerry Lawrie      JKA Scotland
 3rd Maryann McLeod      JKA Scotland
 3rd Laura Dickson      JKA Scotland




Event 5 – Ladies kata over 16yrs 3rd kyu and above

 1st Sarah Queen      JKA Scotland
 2nd Heather Nimmo      JKA Scotland
 3rd Lydia Van Beers      JKA Scotland
 3rd Kim Stephens      JKA Scotland

Event 6 – Gents kata over 16yrs 10 – 4th kyu

 1st Gareth Phillips      JKA Scotland
 2nd Iain Clark      JKA Scotland
 3rd Paul Lawrie      JKA Scotland
 3rd Graham McLeod      JKA Scotland

Event 7 – Gents kata over 16yrs 3rd kyu and above

 1st Lewis Scobie      JKA Scotland
 2nd Martin McGookin      UKTKF
 3rd Steven Kane      JKA Scotland
 3rd David Johnstone      JKA Scotland

Event 8 – Team kata under 16yrs 10 – 4th kyu
 1st William Renton, Hope Johnston, Morgan Coull  JKA Scotland
 2nd Cheryl Cathcart, Claire Cathcart, Helen Daglish  JKA Scotland
 3rd Jamie Simpson, Ryan Simpson, Liam Gaughan  JKA Scotland
 3rd Blair Stewart, Lewis Stewart, Liam Sinclair  JKA Scotland

Event 9 – Team kata under 16yrs 3rd kyu and above

 1st Max Penman, Cameron Scobie, Ross Doig   JKA Scotland
 2nd Sam Penman, Paul Muller, Ben Mitchell   JKA Scotland
 3rd Hollie Watson, Emma Fairley, Amy Green   JKA Scotland
 3rd Kerry Ferguson, Lois Divine, Sarah Fairley  JKA Scotland

Event 10 – 11 Team Kata over 16yrs

 1st Sarah Queen, Lewis Scobie, Steven Kane   JKA Scotland
 2nd Iain Clark, Gareth Phillips, Paul Lawrie  JKA Scotland
 3rd Lindsay Brown, Joanna Currie, Michele McKeown  JKA Scotland
 3rd Maryann Mcleod, Kerry Lawrie, Neil Sullivan  JKA Scotland




Event 12 Kids Kumite under 10yrs 10 – 4th kyu

 1st  Claire Cathcart      JKA Scotland
 2nd Jamie Simpson      JKA Scotland
 3rd Hope Johnston      JKA Scotland
 3rd William Renton      JKA Scotland

Event 13 Boys/Girls kumite 10 – 16yrs 10 – 7th kyu

 1st Helen Daglish      JKA Scotland
 2nd Cheryl Cathcart      JKA Scotland
 3rd Daniel Phillips      JKA Scotland
 3rd Robert Cardle      JKA Scotland

Event 14 Boys/Girls kumite 10 – 16yrs 6 – 4th kyu

 1st Duncan Smith      JKA Scotland
 2nd Harley Ewen      JKA Scotland
 3rd Joshua Ewen      JKA Scotland
 3rd Ryan Simpson      JKA Scotland

Event 15 Ladies/Gents kumite over 16yrs 10 – 7th kyu

 1st Gareth Phillips      JKA Scotland
 2nd Iain Clark      JKA Scotland
 3rd Maryann McLeod      JKA Scotland
 3rd Sean McTavish      JKA Scotland

Event 16 Ladies/Gents kumite over 16yrs 6 – 4th kyu

 1st Yvonne Skipsey      JKA Scotland
 2nd Graham McLeod      JKA Scotland
 3rd Nathan Deeks      JKA Scotland

Event 17 Boys/Girls kumite under 12yrs 3rd kyu and above

 1st Ross Doig      JKA Scotland
 2nd Max Penman      JKA Scotland
 3rd John McNicol      JKA Scotland
 3rd Sally Mitchell      JKA Scotland




Event 18 Girls kumite 12 – under 16yrs 3rd kyu and above

 1st Anne Marie Wishart     Scottish Karate Federation
 2nd Iona Frost      Scottish Karate Federation
 3rd Lois Divine      JKA Scotland
 3rd Kerry Ferguson      JKA Scotland

Event 19 Boys kumite 12 under 16yrs 3rd kyu and above

 1st Chris McDonald      Scottish Karate Federation
 2nd Steven Wyllie      Scottish Karate Federation
 3rd Steven McCann      Scottish Karate Federation
 3rd Alistair Gourlay     Scottish Karate Federation

Event 20 Ladies kumite over 16yrs 3rd kyu and above
 1st Lisa Cairns      Scottish Karate Federation
 2nd Sarah Queen      JKA Scotland
 3rd Chloe Mclean      Scottish Karate Federation
 3rd Nikki Conlan      JKA Scotland

Event 21 Gents kumite over 16yrs 3rd kyu and above

 1st Callum Robb      Scottish Karate Federation
 2nd Duncan Raeburn      Scottish Karate Federation
 3rd Martin Brannan      Scottish Budokan Association
 3rd Robin Duff      JKA Scotland

Medal Table

Association                     Gold   Silver    Bronze   Total

JKA Scotland                     16       16          35           67
Scottish Karate Fed           4          3           3            10

UKTKF                                                           1              1

Scottish Budokan Ass                                1              1

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The Motivation and Mental Toughness workshop will be held on the 14th September 2007 at the Jurys Inn Glasgow from 7pm until 10pm.This workshop relates to the 3rd two year section of the S.K.G.B. Coaching Licence. All application forms have been sent to all association Chairpersons.

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Mr  James A Miller and Mr Donald MacInnes

Royal and Government Recognition for Karate

Royal Recognition for Karate

5th July 2007

Mr Miller Executive Administrator received an invitation from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and H.R.H Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh to attend a royal reception at The Palace of Holyrood in recognition for his contribution to Scottish life in the development of karate.

At the reception Mr Miller representing Scottish Karate was formally introduced to Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Scottish Government recognition

30th June 2007
The Chairman Mr Donald MacInnes and the Executive Administrator Mr James A Miller were invited to attend the 3rd opening of the Scottish Parliament on the 30th June. This is the first time that Scottish Karate has been invited to such a prestigious event, in recognition of the development that the Scottish Karate Governing Body has made.

Mr MacInnes represented Scottish Karate at the opening of the Parliament where he was introduced to H.R.H. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Mr Miller took part in the Riding process.

Scottish Karate would like to thank Sportscotland for the nominations.

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