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Well done Gordon Gavienas & Nicola Rodger who were promoted to Kumite Judge A at today's SKGB champions on Sunday 13th October

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Congratulations to all competitors that participated in the JKS Active schools championship 2013

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Karate Alba are delighted to announce that Sensei Dolina Ross has been awarded Inverness Area Sports Coach of the Year, an award sponsored by SportScotland.

Sports coaches from a broad range of sports such as football, rugby, etc. are considered for this prestigious award. For it to be awarded to a Karate coach is added testament to Dolina's lifetime of dedication, coaching ability and her efforts in enabling Karate Alba to reach out to the community and provide Karate instruction to students of diverse backgrounds.
A huge inspiration to everyone, Karate Alba are extremely proud of their Sensei and feel that the Inverness Area Sports Coach of the Year Award is very well deserved.

Karate Alba are also proud to announce that Angus Lallah (age 9) from Inverness Karate Club won Junior Sports Personality of the Year. Angus trains extremely hard to improve his standard and his commitment and attitude make him a great role model for our junior students.

Well done Dolina. 

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1-       CLARE LOGAN – 14/15 -47K

2-      MORGAN CUNNINGHAM -14/15 -54K

3-      REBECCA CRAIG – 14/15 +54K

4-      JAMES COULTER-14/15 -52K

5-      DYLAN RUSH- 14/15 -57K

6-      JONATHAN GILMOUR -14/15 -63K

7-      AARON JARDINE – 14/15 -70K

8-      CLARE PENDREICH -16/17 -53K

9-      KIMBERLAY JOHNSTONE – 16/17 -59K

10-   HANNAH WOOD – 16/17 +59K

11-   AARON HORN – 16/17 -68K

12-   KEVIN WEIR – 16/17 -76K

13-   GARY KELLY – UNDER 21 -68K

14-   MARC McCAULAY – UNDER 21 -78K

15-   AMY CONNELL – UNDER 21-53K


17-   IONA FROST – UNDER 21 +60K 

18-   HOLLY MARTIN – 14/15 – KATA


20-   SONNI WILSON – 16/17 – KATA


All squad members must attend the Squad training in the Ratho Centre on Sunday 22nd December 11am to 1pm. The session is also open to anyone out with the selected group 14 years and above who wish to attend. Once we have made travel and hotel arrangements everyone will be told of the cost of the trip which must be paid before they leave for the event.

Hamish Adam
Director of Sport

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