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Subject: S.K.G.B.  Tatami Coaches Pass   (Only for Scottish coaches)

Dear All,

The S.K.G.B. has now put in place two courses for this year, one in Edinburgh, the other in Glasgow, for anybody who wants to coach at any S.K.G.B. event.

The course will last 3 hours, members must bring two passport photos. There is a criteria for those who will be able to obtain a pass.


Only those who hold a current S.K.G.B. Coaches Licence or who has been vetted by the S.K.G.B. will receive a pass, anybody who attends but does not hold the above, will be held on file and if they obtain any of the above will be given a pass if obtained in this current year.

Important to note that these are the only courses this year, and if you plan to coach this year, please attend, as you must hold the new pass to coach.

The pass will last for 4 years

If you have any problems please call me on.:07973-847794

Courses are free to all S.K.G.B. members.

1st Course will be held in Edinburgh at:
Holiday Inn

Corstorphine Road,


Sunday 18th February 2007 (10am-1pm)2nd Course will be held in Glasgow at:
Jury Inn

80 Jamaica Street,


Saturday 3rd March 2007 (10am -1pm)

Yours in Karate,

Colin Clapperton

Refereeing Commission

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