Club Contact:
Mr Brendan O'Mailley Coaching level 3
Coaches License Number:
Jackton Police Collage
City / Town:
East Kilbride
Local Authority:
South Lanarkshire
Club Details:
SKGB licensed coach
Mr Brendan O'Mailley level 3
Accreditation and Licence number 39

Disclosure Scotland PVG checked by the SKGB
Association: Bushido Karate Association

Child Protection Officer: Fiona Higgins
Karate style:Shotokan

Training times:
Saturday - 10.30am to11.30am

Our club has signed and agreed to implement all of the SKGB policies, including:
1. Child Protection Policy
2. Equality and Diversity Policy
2. Conflict of Interest Policy
3. Risk Management Policy
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